A leading communication and investor relations consultancy

Numbers alone fail to tell your whole story. You need to communicate your position, strategy and performance to gain support from stakeholders.
We help our clients to communicate effectively with the capital market and corporate stakeholders. The overriding objective is to ensure that they know and understand your company and recognise its value and opportunities.
Our range of consulting services for communication and investor relations ensures that your company gets the support it needs during the different stages of its life. Our multidisciplinary team of experienced financial, communication and media specialists provides strategic advice and hands-on support. We assist your IR team, top management and board of directors with solutions carefully tailored to your company’s needs.
Successful communication calls for continuous commitment. We strive to take a long-term view with each client in developing and maintaining high-quality, effective communication and investor relations programmes.
Founded in 2005, we are a partnership headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with a Stavanger office and with an international reach through our partners.
noun (pl. crux·es or cru·ces [‘kru∂isez]

  1. The basis, central, or critical point or feature: the crux of the matter; the crux of an argument.
  2. A puzzling or apparently insoluble problem.
  3. The hardest move, or series of moves on a climb.


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