Investor relations

Ensuring that the share price truly reflects your company’s potential represents the final element in your value creation effort. Your investor relations (IR) function should strive to reduce perceived risk for investors and your cost of capital. A clear corporate story and investment proposition, as well as trust, are key enablers in seeking to reduce risk and to develop and protect your company’s value.
IR should provide an effective interface between your company, its owners and other capital market stakeholders. Effective IR services require an understanding of financial and legal requirements and obligations as well as in-depth knowledge both of the company’s value drivers and of the interests and needs of investors and analysts. We enable clients to develop and maintain best-practice IR programmes and to execute them successfully.
Our services includes:
  • Perception surveys and benchmarking
  • IR strategy and programmes
  • Investment proposition – equity and debt story
  • Shareholder targeting
  • IR platform and infrastructure
  • Digital IR
  • Financial calendar activities
  • Investor events
  • Analyst relations
  • Valuation modelling
  • Capital market intelligence
  • Debt IR
  • Board of Directors IR reporting


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