What we offer

Crux Advisers offers advisory services and operational support to our clients on corporate and financial communication and investor relations. Whether you are a communications or IR team, a CFO, a CEO or a board of directors, we ensure that you get the solution required to solve your company’s strategic and day-to-day communication and IR needs.
The basis for collaborating with us varies. Some clients lack internal resources to carry out activities and meet obligations and expectations effectively. Others struggle with outdated corporate stories, low visibility and/or unsatisfactory market pricing compared with intrinsic value. Regardless of your needs, our starting point is always the same – effective communication and investor relations will create results over time.
We apply extensive experience, diverse skills and an unprejudiced attitude when supporting our clients. The communication and investor relations capabilities of our team of advisers are rooted in extensive experience from equity research, business journalism, and communication and IR line management at reputable institutions and companies.
Engagement structures are flexible. We tailor client solutions, the scope of our involvement and the members of our team to your needs, and offer:
  • Projects
  • Retained services
  • Outsourcing of communication and IR
  • Management for hire
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