“The Crux of the matter”

The “crux of the matter” is often used as a term to describe the critical aspect or most important point of an issue. It can also mean the most challenging part of a route or track. It takes knowledge, experience and capacity to identify and deal with the crux of the matter effectively. This is where our founders – Ketil, Samson, Lars Erik and Jan Petter – found their inspiration when naming the company in 2005.
Today, it remains a powerful inspiration when we work with our clients.
noun (pl. crux·es or cru·ces [‘kru∂isez]

  1. The basis, central, or critical point or feature: the crux of the matter; the crux of an argument.
  2. A puzzling or apparently insoluble problem.
  3. The hardest move, or series of moves on a climb.
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