Hans Jørgen Brusevold

Hans Jørgen Brusevold (b.1971) joined Crux in February 2017, from a position as Vice President Head of Finance at Agrinos AS, where he kept direct contact with banks, NOTC, lawyers, and auditors. He was also responsible for the financing of the company’s own units, was involved in raising capital, and served as Board Secretary. Before joining Agrinos, Brusevold worked in various positions in ABB over a period of 14 years, of which 5 years at HQ in Zurich, Switzerland, and one year as CFO in Datong, China (JV). Brusevold has worked in management positions for over a decade, of which several years as CFO. He has two years of M&A experience, has served as project manager for ERP implementation, and contributed to strategy processes over several years. He also contributed to the controlling and analysis of companies over a fifteen-year period, to provide top management with a basis for decision-making.



  • Finance manager, Crux, Oslo, 2017–

  • VP Head of Finance, Agrinos, Oslo, 2012–2016

  • CFO, Finance Manager, Controller and M&A in ABB 1997–2012

  • Education: Master in strategic management, BI Norwegian Business School, 2001 and Master in Business and Economics, BI Norwegian Business School, 1992–-1997